Significant Hypnosis Therapy Techniques

  1. Transformative Experiences Guidance Beyond just acquiring knowledge about therapeutic techniques such as general hypnotherapy register practices-based approaches, it offers a unique opportunity for personal growth too. Students often report experiencing significant shifts in their mindset during the…


  2. by Roxanna Erickson Klein, RN, PhD, Ernest Rossi, PhD and Kathryn Rossi,

    This contains a fascinating biographical chapter on Milton Erickson,
    revealing the many important events of his life that contributed to the
    development of his ideas. The lectures, seminars and workshops were not
    scholarly by nature. They were usual spontaneous, with only a very general
    theme to guide them. The special interests, needs and questions from each
    group of participants frequently generated ingenious, unpremeditated
    demonstrations of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. All contributed to a
    significant shift from the older authoritarian techniques of hypnosis to
    the more creative approaches pioneered by Erickson.…


  3. The Torres Norry method was used in treating a duodenal peptic ulcer in a 37-yr-old woman. This combined somatic techniques (dietetic, antacid, antispasmodic, restorative, etc.) with a psychoaffective approach to obtain catharsis, particularly via hypnosis (21 sessions), supportive and analytic psychotherapy of a relax-reflexpsychotherapy procedure, and prolonged and deep nocturnal sleep therapy. Follow-up evidence revealed significant improvement. The importance of considering the individual as a psychosomatic-social entity is stressed. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2016 APA, all rights reserved)…


  4. Although some people think of hypnosis as some otherworldly practice, hypnosis and hypnotherapy are real-world techniques that can produce significant, tangible results. Find out more here…


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