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  1. Use self hypnosis to help the healing process! The period after surgery can be a difficult one. Your body needs time to recover physically. It can be a challenging time psychologically too. Many people struggle with low mood, anxiety or frustration after they’ve been through a surgical procedure. These emotional upsets can be just as



  2. Experience anxiety relief, reframe negative habits & start relationship counseling. Get rapid results with hypnosis: quit phobias, stop binge eating, let go of trauma. Book a FREE consult online with an expert Hypnotherapist, Author & Coach. Rochelle L. Cook MA CHt. Call (3100) 577-2381



  3. Hypnosis is used to manage many facets of pain. It offers a method to effect sensation as well as the anxiety and emotion that frequently compound discomfort. Over 200 research studies in the past 30 years have explored the role of mind-body techniques in helping prepare people for surgical and medical procedures and helping them recover more rapidly.



  4. Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy instigates change quickly. Quit Smoking Hypnosis, Hypnosis for Weight Loss, Hypnosis for Anxiety and Depression, IBS Hypnosis, RTT.



  5. Rapid Transformational Therapy. Worldwide Online Hypnotherapist. Hypnosis for IBS, Hypnotherapy for Habits, Hypnosis for Anxiety and Depression.



  6. Is it possible to relieve the symptoms of stress, anxiety, depressed mood,
    insomnia an intrusive thoughts in 30 days or less from the comfort of your
    own home.

    The 30 Days to Harmony Course is your key to rapid peace and serenity. This
    30 day guided journey will assist you to feel the benefits of hypnosis
    sessions and track your progress to rapidly and intuitively reduce stress
    and anxiety.

    This is a 50 page manual and hypnotic audio accompaniment is the perfect
    way to make change in a relaxed way while moving at your own pace.



  7. Clinical hypnotherapy has rapidly been growing in popularity. Even before the pandemic, online hypnosis sites were recording up to 20 million visits a year, particularly from those seeking advice on insomnia and anxiety disorders. The air of mystery created by certain movies and urban myths is being replaced by a growing body of research and



  8. Learn self hypnosis for sleep, weight loss, anxiety and more. Study
    in-person in London with Dr. John Butler. Dr. John Butler co-taught
    intensively with Gil Boyne for many years and he continues in the direct
    tradition of this teaching. “Transforming Therapy” as developed, practised
    and taught by Gil Boyne, is a very powerful, rapid, effective form of



  9. Rapid Transformational Therapy & hypnosis for anxiety and depression, self confidence and self esteem. Healthy Habits Hypnosis also specialize in weight/eating problems, alcohol reduction, insomnia. Hypnotherapist for success in career; public speaking, exam, interviews.



  10. Learn How Hypnosis Can Help You or a Loved One Who Requires Surgery.
    Clients report rapid recovery, less pain and anxiety and much more.



  11. Did you know that hypnosis can dramatically affect the outcome of your surgery? Pre-surgical hypnosis sessions can reduce anxiety and stress associated with a surgical procedure, reduce bleeding during the operation, dramatically reduce post-operative pain levels, and increase post-op healing (offering rapid healing immediately following surgery).



  12. Get Extreme Rapid Weight Loss Hypnosis for Women and Guided Meditation for Deep Sleep, Stress and Anxiety Relief 2 in 1 audiobook by Vishal Suresh on



  13. CBT & Hypnosis are both highly effective at treating anxiety in their own
    right, but research has shown that combined they offer the most effective
    treatment available in eliminating anxiety. I help clients to identify and
    remove deeply held beliefs which are maintaining their anxiety cycles,
    enabling clients to free themselves of anxiety for good. Contact me for a
    FREE 15 minute CONSULTATION.



  14. Presents clinical material showing that, from the pre-period, the use of hypnosis as an anesthetic helped to relieve a female patient’s anxiety and emotional stress, helped to avoid the use of a tracheotomy that would have resulted in further surgical complications of the procedure, helped to relieve pain, and aided in a rapid recovery. Advantages of utilizing hypnoanesthesia as opposed to the exclusive uses of chemically induced anesthetics in this type of procedure are compared. (7 ref) (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2016 APA, all rights reserved)



  15. Experience rapid change with effective hypnosis. Transform thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Achieve results in phobias, anxiety, depression, and more.



  16. Hypnosis online to quit smoking, weight loss, anxiety & stress, fears phobias. Make permanent, rapid change to take back control of your own mind



  17. Depression and Anxiety Specialist Hypnosis Combined with Modern Rapid Transformation and Cutting Edge Neuroscience Techniques to rapid change. To help you live your best life in the shortest possible time.



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